Team Leadership: A Semester Long Project

This month, I want to highlight a project that I did this semester. Although it was not the first group project I’ve been a part of in my collegiate career, this project was by far the most enjoyable to be a part of and to lead. For my “Team Leadership” course, our group decided to tackle and propose a plan to improve our university’s mental health capabilities. The lessons I’ve learned from leading such a diverse team and capable team were well worth some of the headaches we had in putting this report together. It was such a pleasure to write, research, and plan for a cause that matters. I hope this trend continues not only for the remainder of my time at University but also on into my career.

If you would like to read our report, you can download it below via the link. Who knows, maybe later in life, I’ll come back to this with the resources to actually implement something similar. For now, though, I hope you enjoy.