Connection, Engagement, and Morale

Earlier in the year, I posted “University Education Post a Global Pandemic which highlighted the large conversation being had about how School and Work are changing in a Post-COVID world. Ph.Creative’s Rising Stars hosted that conversation, along with Andrea Hough who so wonderfully shared her wisdom with us.

As a reminder, the Rising Stars project was started “… to shift paradigms, generate sustainable change through conversation, and challenge long-held assumptions and beliefs about the way we work.”

This month, I am back again highlighting another episode released by the team, this time regarding “The Complete Employee Experience: Connection, Engagement, and Morale” which you can watch here.

Rising Stars Episode 9: The Complete Employee Experience: Connection, Engagement & Morale

Rising Stars hosts along with Janine Allo, Chief People & Culture Officer at ezCater led the conversation around Connection, Morale, and help us all come to terms with a new meaning of “Employee Well-being.”

We discussed what obligation (if any) there was for employers to focus on more than just what happens inside their organizations. Also, we proposed that health, both physical and mental, family, and social/environmental conditions were all a part of what matters when considering the well-being of an individual. The shift from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism was also brought up, serving as a stark reminder that the “for-profit” motive can and should no longer be justification for inaction or injustice. Topics like Diversity, Racism, and Wealth Inequity were all mentioned with the solution in mind being Empathy at the individual and systemic level.

I highly encourage you to watch the episode, as well as any/all others that pique your interest. Afterwards, it is my hope that you come away with this understanding:

Full employee well-being means recognition on the part of the company as to how they are complicit in maintaining oppressive systems, and how they are contributing to the dismantling of said systems by uplifting their employees. It is my belief that companies today must do more than just offer great pay, rewards, and opportunity. By continuing to have conversations like this, there is no doubt in my mind that progress will be made.

Again, I am honored that I was asked to join this group. It was a privilege and a joy to sit alongside Priscilla Bonilla and Analyn Pelayre to discuss how we can create real change. I must extend a huge thanks to Cher Murphy and Kristine Balicoco for their hard work, none of this would be possible without y’all. As I said before, and I truly do mean it, the insights and camaraderie I’ve experienced within this group have changed the way I see work and the world, in the best ways possible.

I hope you all enjoy the episode, and I look forward to your feedback.