Untitled: COVID-19 Stories

During times of uncertainty, it is vital that we intentionally remember and acknowledge the things going right in our lives. It can be so easy to become inundated with negativity and worry, but we all know that it is not productive. With that thought in mind, a couple of weeks back I asked some of my closest friends the following question:

“What is something positive or uplifting that you have seen, or experienced recently?”

They shared with me fantastic stories and observations, and with their consent, I want to share some of the responses I received. 

As a side note, as we continue to move forward please feel free to use this question in your own life. When checking in with friends and family this is a great way to shift our focus towards the positive. Any-who, here are their responses.

Names have been changed and only minor edits have been made. Enjoy!

“The rain has been beautiful. I enjoy hearing the pitter-patter on my windows as I read, life is so nice when it all slows down.” – Matthew

“You know, it’s been a stressful week, especially with the tank in oil prices. The memes are my favorite. A lot of people have been sending me cat memes and I love those. It’s great because my cat will join the conference calls, and now my managers greet her before they greet me!” – Sarah

“I went to Target last night at around 7 pm, expecting an awful scene. But it was a peaceful ghost town, and I managed to find a few things that I needed. I also got to send the VP of our Houston office an encouraging email. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but I didn’t want to come across like a kiss-ass. But I got to be honest and that was nice.” – Jennifer

“I went to the pharmacy because my daughter needed her insulin. Normally, it’s $50 per vile, but today it was going to be $366 because insurance doesn’t cover that type of insulin anymore, even though they asked me to switch to this type in November. So, now I have to fight with the insurance and get a doctor’s letter on top of everything going on. The pharmacist knows me and my family very well. She saw the look of disappointment on my face because I don’t have the $366 to buy the vile. So, she let me have one vial for free.” – Maria

“I’m a theater freak, and a lot of theaters and Broadways have moved to a virtual space and have been streaming their performances. It felt good to make intentional time to connect with people, aka Virtual Happy Hour! It’s a great way to support the community.” – Steven

“We are so blessed to live in Houston and to have this glorious spring weather. I know some people are going through major snow storms right now! A few positive things are, preparing a hot breakfast every morning, laughing at memes, and I would say the highlight of my week was… We realized our Roomba can now clean our living room rug because we got the wrinkles out. Previously it would malfunction when it made it to the rug. It’s been so great because our husky-mix foster sheds like you could not believe! Our entire house has been covered in fluff until about two days ago when we realized the Roomba could save us! It made us so happy!” – Jenny

“My roommate and I have had a lot more time to spend together with school being closed. So, we cracked open a puzzle her dad got for us, a beautifully crafted and well-cut puzzle. It has sunflowers and a gorgeous sunrise on it. We finally finished it! It was so nice to work on something together with her. We need more puzzles! It’s just nice to have some sense of normalcy and the comfort of a really good friend, especially when nothing seems normal anymore.” – Brittany

“A couple of weeks ago I saw a group of three teenagers helping a homeless man in a wheelchair. They talked to him for a bit, it looked like they got him something from inside the store, and then they wheeled him away in the direction he pointed. It was just nice to see.” – Natalie